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LED Bulb for Harsh Environments


With Par 38 appearance, BrightNess has developed this 5000 lumen industrial grade bulb with E26 standard head (E39 with adapter), IP66 waterproof, operating temperature at 220oF (105oC), Par38-5000I-50-70 specifically designed for all tough factory surroundings, especially for high temperature working area, like power plant, steel mill, and metal processing factory.

This picture presents the application in the hard‑drawn copper wire factory. The highest temperature of copper can reach up to more than 920°C (around 1700 ). Ambient temperature of the work site can be more than 60°C (140) in summer while daily temperature outside is around 38°C (101).

Par38-5000I-50-70 can be installed into traditional high bay mercury lamp by E39 socket base. Not necessary for exchanging the whole lighting fixture into LED, the work site can be upgraded to LED lighting and reaches real eco-friendly. It's also much easier for lighting maintenance in a factory.


Product Name:Par38-5000I-50-70

Highest Operation Environmental Temperature: 222F (105C)

Specification:5000 lumens

Operating Voltage:110VAC ~ 277VAC


Standard Beam Angle (Build in Socket for External Reflector) : 110

Beam Angle of External Reflectors : 25⁰, 45⁰ and 90⁰


Certification:UL1993/cUL1993/CSA C22.2 No. 1993-12 certified by ETL / RoHs

Waterproof Protection:IP66

Installation:suitable for E26 / E27 / E39 / E40 socket


Field InstallationPar38-5000I-50 in Traditional Fixture at Hard‑Drawn Copper Wire Work Site

Par38-5000I-50 is installed into traditional high bay Mercury lamp by E39 socket base. Not necessary for exchanging the whole lighting fixture into LED. Much easier for factory /warehouse lighting maintenance.

Light Angle 45 degree, Floor height 6M, and Lux distribution 300.

With 45 degree reflector, Par38-5000I-50-70 installed into traditional lighting fixture is 300 lux as floor is around 6 meters high while the traditional mercury lamps are around 200 lux at the same working area.


For all tough working area, especially high temperature heated work site, like Fire Power Plant / Hard‑Drawn Copper wire Factory / Steel Mill / Paper Mill / Metal Process / Glasses Bottle Factory / Frozen Area / Outdoor / Work Site / Warehouse / Oil & Gas Industry...etc.


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