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With more than 10 years experiences of integrating IC & LED design together making driver-on-board technology without using electrolysis capacitor, Brightness Optronics Co., Ltd. (BN-Opt) is pursuing not only for breakthrough of lumen output, steady electric, heat dissipation design and longer service life time performance, but also focusing on supporting all the considerations of making lighting sources, including the variable optical designs, lux distributions, much stronger durability to provide lighting under extremely high environmental temperature below 105°C (222°F) & low temperature above -130oF (-95oC), water proof solution like IP66, increasing liability for products even in hazardous work site, works with external controllers such as triac dimming, motion sensors, photocell, remote controller and 0-10V dimming control.

With consideration of certifications like Energy Star, CA title 24, DLC, UL, CE, and target price for different market, we commit to provide the best solution for the unsolved problems while transforming traditional lighting into LED, and to enrich the value of products for our strategic business partners.


Driver on Board (DOB)

By integrating IC & LED array design together, DOB driver on board tech features as no electrolysis capacitor inside the circuit, thus all the quality issue caused by the power supply can be solved.

Water Proof

With more than 2 decades experiences of water proof solutions, BN-Opt is also the expert of water proof solutions for lighting.

Thermal Resistance

Heat is one of the key factors that causes light decay and results in life time shortage & light quality issue of LED. We take care not only LED, but all the components of our products for better durability.


As an expert of developing LED lighting modules, we're more than willing to do customized project as the diversity of lighting is one of the key factors in this industry!


Industrial Grade LED Bulb in Par38 Format with 5000lm & High Temperature Resistance

The operation environmental temperature of this 5000lm par bulb ranged from -130oF up to 222oF ( -95oC up to 105oC ), with IP66 & UL1993 standard certified, suitable for Heated Work Site / Steel Mill / Paper Mill / Power Plant / Frozen Areas / Glass Bottle Factory / Oil & Gas Industry

LED Modules Development Driver-Built-In LED module

With over millions of sales record, we offer you the most beneficial solutions with promising quality! To make each product distinguish from the market, we do customize specifically for each project. For any requested spec, please contact us for further information.

Lighting Fixtures / Bulb Development

As trade war and the supplying chain was reforming after the pandemic, a reliable business partner located in Taiwan, BN-Opt provides you the total solution for the unsolved issues of LED lighting. For any kinds of questions toward LED, we'd like to be the consultant for free.


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